Am 23.11.2002 in Bensheim.

HgrII S Standard

Langsamer Walzer
Res. VR 1ZR SF F Titel
  X       Au revoir Paris
  X       Hashabye mountain
  X       Illusion
  X       Love has no pride
  X       My cup runneth over
  X       Roses of picardy
  X       The song of summer
  X       The summer of our love
    X     David
    X     Scarlett ribbons
    X     The girl from Petrovka
    X     The wonderful world of the young
      X   Satisfaction
      X   Some peoples time
        X Somewhere in time
X         Come to me bend to me
Res. VR 1ZR SF F Titel
  X       Dark Eyes
  X       Golden Tango
  X       La Carmencita
  X       Leijos de ti
  X       Mariposas
  X       Padgeto Tango
  X       Sombras
  X       Tango de amore
    X     Cubana Tango
    X     La Cumpasita
    X     Sol Otonal
    X     Una lacrima sul viso
      X   Tango Hasienda
      X   Twilight
        X Tango 68
X         Delusion
X         Gelosia (Jelousy)
X         Misterio
X         Serenata
Wiener Walzer
Res. VR 1ZR SF F Titel
  X       Anniversary Song
  X       Charade
  X       Dolores
  X       Magnetics
  X       Melody
  X       Once upon a december
  X       Waltz for the moon
  X       Waltz of paree
    X     Just one Girl
    X     Schoen Rosmarin
    X     The orient Express
    X     Wonderful Guy
      X   Kate goes to the awards
      X   Theme from 'Is Paris burning' 
        X Tivoli
X         Ballsirenen
X         Bamboozled
X         If I had a golden umbrella
X         Serenade
Res. VR 1ZR SF F Titel
  X       A nightingale sang on berkley square
  X       Doncha go way mad
  X       I am beginning to see the light
  X       Just in time
  X       Mean to me
  X       Take my love take my love
  X       Theres a rainbow round my shoulders
  X       You are nobody until somebody loves you
    X     Comes Love
    X     I am glad I am not young anymore
    X     Love wonderful love
    X     Tell me how long the Trains been gone?
      X   Mississippi Mud
      X   Traditionale one
        X Magic Story
X         Guys and dolls
X         Sam you made the pants too long
X         Somebody loves me
X         Why dont you do it right
Res. VR 1ZR SF F Titel
  X       A song is for dancing
  X       Christoph Columbus
  X       Go big daddy
  X       Got n idea
  X       Some things gonna give
  X       Swing it baby
  X       The spider
  X       Thou swell
    X     I wanna love you
    X     Is it you or is you aint ma baby
    X     Mr. Kicks
    X     The tiger
      X   The Jitterbug
      X   Tina marie
        X I dont mean a thing
X         Dear haerts and gentle people
X         One more time
X         Puttin on the ritz
X         When I see an elephant fly